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Daycare: Our Services


Whether your dog is part of our daycare pack or not, you can still take

advantage of our grooming services here at Shipyard Dog Co.

Have your dog join us for the ultimate spaw experience!
Drop your dog a little ruff and pick them up looking and smelling great!


Add a grooming service to your dog's daycare or boarding visit for some pampering at the end of their stay.

For new clients please create an account on our website and upload your dog's current
vaccination records and then text Laura at (781) 692-7216 to schedule an grooming appointment!

(New pricing effective June 1st, 2023)


Bath, Blow Dry, Brush Out, Ears Cleaned,

Nails Trimmed and Filed, Paw Balm
(Bath & Blow Dry only is Dinghie price minus $10)

Extra Small (under 20lbs) - $35
Small (20-40lbs) - $45
Medium (41-60lbs) - $55
Large (61-80lbs) - $70

Extra Large (81-100lbs) - $85
Extra Extra Large (over 101lbs) - $105


The Dinghie Plus...

Paw Trim, Face Trim and Sanitary Shave

Extra Small (under 20lbs) - $45

Small (20-40lbs) - $55

Medium (41-60lbs) - $65

Large (61-80lbs) - $80

Extra Large (81-100lbs) - $95

Extra Extra Large (over 101lbs) - $120


The Power Boat Plus...

Full Body Groom (Haircut/Shave)

Extra Small (under 20lbs) - $60

Small (20-40lbs) - $70

Medium (41-60lbs) - $80

Large (61-80lbs) - $95

Extra Large (81-100lbs) - $110

Extra Extra Large (over 101lbs) - $130

Grooming image 1.jpg


Dremel Nail Trim & Smooth - $15

Teeth Brushing - $10

Ear Cleaning - $10

Paw Balm Treatment - $5

Face, Feet & Sani Trim (without a bath) - $25

Deshedding Furminator Brush Out (without a bath) - $20 per every 30 minutes 

Dematting - $20 per every 30 minutes (please note that we reserve the right to deny service for any extensive dematting that cannot be done without harm/pain to your dog) 

Dry Bath Shampoo (fresh smelling dry bath shampoo and brush out without dematting or deshedding) - $20 

Please note: additional charges of $20 per every 30 minutes will apply for services with excessive matting/shedding. We also reserve the right to deny service for extensive dematting, that cannot be done without harm/pain to your dog and a shave may be required.


   Deshedding Treatment (special deshedding shampoo, conditioner, & Furminator brush out)   $35

   Detangling Treatment (special detangling shampoo, conditioner, & extensive brush out)   $35

   Keratin Treatment (special keratin shampoo, conditioner)  $25

   Dry Skin Oatmeal Treatment (special oatmeal shampoo, conditioner)   $25

Meet Our Groomers

Laura Photo.HEIC

Hey There! My name is Laura Sheehy and I became a dog stylist over ten years ago. I fell in love with this career from the very start and I strive to provide beautiful, quality grooms for your pets! I continually try to learn from new techniques, different grooming styles and test the best new products. I love working with the dogs. I'd love to meet you and your furry friend(s)!

Kerry Walsh Groomer Photo.jpg

Hello! My name is Kerry Walsh. I have been a dog groomer for over eight years, with pet stylist and dog behavior certifications. Making every dog feel happy and their absolute best is my goal at all times! Making their spa day the best day is so important. I am willing and eager to meet every dog's needs individually, for what's the most safe and comfortable for them! I cannot wait to meet all of the furriest of friends!

Recommended Recurring Appointment Grooming Schedule

Short Hair Length Dogs  

(Beagle, Chihuahua, Boxer, Pitties, Bulldogs, etc.) 

This may include shaved long hair dogs as well. 

8-10 weeks regular bathing schedule 

(Recommend- Dinghie) 


Medium Hair Length Dogs 

(Labrador, Some Goldens, Shepherd, Husky, etc.) 

This may include long hair dogs with a short haircut (less than 1”). 

6-8 weeks bathing/possible trimming 

(Recommend- Dinghie or Powerboat) 


Long Hair Length Dogs-

(Doodles, Shih tzus, Some Goldens, Bernese Mountain Dogs, ect.) 

4-6 weeks haircut schedule 

(Recommend- Yacht )



Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Grooming appointments typically take between 3 to 4 hours and may vary based on type of appointment, dog size, coat and temperament.

We will call/text you when your pup's service is completed, and they are ready for pick up.


Transportation may be available for an additional charge.

Log into to your account to make an appointment                      or text Laura at (781) 692-7216

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